Rest in peace, Lemmy

To find a connection between Nitrogods and Lemmy, who died last night, is pretty easy. There’s more than just one. First, Henny had the honour to be support for Motörhead in 1989 at the Hammersmith Odeon in London with „Thunderhead“. Second, the Nitrogods started as a Motörhead cover band called „Wolter’s Bombers“. Third, well, Oimel’s voice and the Nitrogods themselves. They clearly evolved and found their own style since their time as a cover band, but of course it’s still there, and they still play with it: that Motörhead sound.

So let’s all drink to Lemmy (no matter if it’s apple fizz or Whiskey) who might be gone from this earth, but who is, very obviously, immortal.


Henny posted the photo below in Facebook and wrote:

„My reminiscence 11_nto one of the worlds greatest rockers ever is supporting Motörhead at the Hammersmith in December `89. Thank you for giving us a clear vision of what Rock´n Roll is all about. R.I.P. Lemmy“


Photo 2 shows Klaus Fabry giving a Nitrogods-CD to Lemmy.

Klaus Fabry Lemmy