Nitrogang English

Welcome to the Gang,

you found us – great! You like the music of the Nitrogods – just like us.

We are the Nitrogang – I would like to prevent the term „fan club“ as it reminds me of 15 year old girls camping outside the house of a boy group member – but never mind…

We are the official Nitrogods fanclub!

Of course you can join the gang, it’s free of cost. Just fill in the form below.

You will receive a newsletter – not regularly, but as soon as there is something new to say about the Nitrogods. We are in direct contact with them, so if there’s any news, you will be the first to hear it. Apart from that, we plan to have competitions and stuff – so get ready for some surprises.

Apart from that, you can get to know people who share your taste in music. Maybe you can arrange to go to concerts together.

The profiles of the gang members will be published under „Members“ – you can also read more about us on this site.

Unfortunately I won’t have enough time to translate every bit of this site into English, so some of it will be in German. Please understand – this is a non-profit thing, realized by normal, working, average, music-loving people. But if you need to know anything or have a question, just contact me (Chrissy) by mail, my English is fairly good.

Greetinx from Germany

Chrissy, Stefan, Thorsten & Pim


Please fill in the following form to join the gang. Being a member is free of cost. If you upload a photo, you declare your consent with the publication of the photo and any information. If you don’t want your profile to be published, just let us know in your mail.

Answers are optionally, except your name. The text under „Message to the gang“ will not be published, this is for you to contact us, stating whether you ant to be a gang member or if you just have a question.

In the text field „Tell us something about yourself“ you can tell the other gang members something about you, e.g. what other music you listen to, which gigs you liked or whatever you want. If you have you have your mail address published, other gang members can contact you. However – this is optional and not required.


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